C.E.O PT. Len Railway Systems

"Failsafe No Compromise"

In the field of railway, the safety of train travel is the main factor that should not be overlooked. There are some factors which influence the safety and comfort of a train travel either the railway facilities or infrastructures. It is a rule in railway system that if a system fails, the train travel must be kept in safe condition. (faillsafe).

We, PT. Len Railway Systems, always put such a rule as priority in our activities. In this chance, we would like to give information about our company, products, ideas, and our conducted programs. PT. Len Railway System is a company with railway systems as our specialization and a leading local company in this field. Since 1983, we have produced and developed signaling and traction systems for railway as engineering works of our own nation in between the global challenges and the invasion of imported products.

Nowadays, many of our development results are "local products" which have quality excellence and leading technology of railway not only in Indonesia but also foreign countries. We offer efficient, reliable, safe and comfortable products to our all customers in accordance with our motto: "Failsafe no compromise". We also consistently learn to improve the product development and customer. PT. Len Railway Systems commits to continuously offer the best knowledge and experience in the field of "railway systems" to our customer and work partner. Furthermore, we strive for solving our customer's problem with the best efficiency, reliability, comfort and safety.

Proudly, we highly appreciate to our partners and customers for the cooperation and the trust given. It is our willingness to develop ourselves to give more improving service for our loyal customers.

Thank You.

Best regards,

Dewayana Agung Nugroho
President Director